The Military History Geeks Guide To…” series covers an era from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars through to the end of World War One. The books are concise but packed with information about the battles and the units involved. The series won’t dwell longer than necessary on the causes of wars, or get bogged down with political intrigue. Instead, each book will focus on using first-hand battlefield accounts, allowing the reader to smell the gunpowder and tremble with fear alongside those who were there.

The series is researched and written by Christian Parkinson, host of The Redcoat History Podcast and YouTube channel. He’s a journalist and filmmaker, originally from Leicester in the UK and now based in South Africa. While not a military veteran himself, Christian has extensively covered modern conflict around the world – including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Ivory Coast. It’s this experience that has helped inform his writing and his understanding of life on the frontline.

The latest book is The Military History Geek’s Guide To…The Peninsular War, Volume 1 (1808-1809). The volume covers the battle of Roliça, Vimeiro, Sahagun, Corunna and Talavera – it’s rip-roaring stuff, packed with personal accounts. You can buy the PDF here or  buy it from Amazon here.

You can also buy Christian’s book, The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.  It is a gripping and exciting introduction to one of the most fascinating conflicts ever fought by the British army. The book can be bought here or  purchased on Amazon.