As well as podcasting and making YouTube videos, I also write books.

I am writing “The Military History Geeks Guide To…” series. 

The books are concise but packed with information about the battles and units involved.

The series doesn’t dwell longer than necessary on the causes of wars, or get bogged down with political intrigue. Instead, each book focuses on first-hand battlefield accounts, allowing the reader to smell the gunpowder and tremble with fear alongside those who were there.

So far I have published three works in the series.

There is The Military History Geek’s Guide To…The Peninsular War, Volume 1 (1808-1809). The volume covers the battle of Roliça, Vimeiro, Sahagun, Corunna and Talavera – it’s rip-roaring stuff, packed with personal accounts. You can buy the PDF here or  buy it from Amazon here. On Amazon it is also available in paperback.

Volume Two of my Peninsular War series covers the battles of the Battles of Bussaco, Fuentes de Oñoro and Albuera. Here can be purchased on Amazon or via Payhip (as PDF)

You can also sign up for mailing list and receive a free copy of my book on The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.  It is a gripping introduction to one of the most fascinating conflicts ever fought by the British army. Just follow this link and fill out your details.