A walk along Spion Kop

In today's battlefield tour video, my father and I take a walk around Spionkop (Spioenkop), scene of the some of the heaviest fighting of the Anglo-Boer war. It's a fascinating battlefield, hardly changed since that short, sharp battle of January 1900. The battle was part of the disastrous campaign to relieve Ladysmith and push the … Continue reading A walk along Spion Kop


Photos: Pioneer Cemetery, Harare

The Commonwealth war graves section of Harare (Pioneer) cemetery is a  small oasis of well-maintained calm inside a huge, semi-derelict civilian graveyard close to the slum of Mbare. I found it more by accident than design when in Zimbabwe for the recent elections. According to the CWGC website, the cemetery contains 259 identified casualties, 224 … Continue reading Photos: Pioneer Cemetery, Harare

A short walk up Talana Hill: First battle of the Anglo-Boer war

The opening engagement of the Anglo-Boer war was fought in this small town in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. It was a small but important battle that showed the British army how dangerous it was to scorn their enemy. Join me for a walk up Talana hill as I get some exercise and move in … Continue reading A short walk up Talana Hill: First battle of the Anglo-Boer war