‘By God, that will do!’: The Battle of Salamanca – Wellington’s greatest victory?

There are still mysteries and controversies around the battle. For example did Wellington throw a chicken leg over his shoulder and cry, 'By God that will do'? How many French Imperial Eagles were actually won? And was this Wellington's greatest victory? - You might be surprised by the answer.

Fort Pine – A hidden gem of the Anglo-Zulu War

Deep in the rural areas of KwaZulu-natal, about 20km from Dundee is the impressive, but almost unknown Anglo-Zulu War fortification known as Fort Pine. Its dry-stone walls are still impressive, at least 14 feet high they tower over the gentle farmland of the Biggarsberg ridge.  https://youtu.be/0FpLS6CYmag Work began on the fort by the Royal Engineers … Continue reading Fort Pine – A hidden gem of the Anglo-Zulu War