After a long, gruelling campaign in the Peninsular, France was finally invaded in 1814 – a staggering turn around when one considers the difficulties experienced by the British, Spanish and Portuguese since 1807.

In this article you can view all of the videos that I’ve made covering this period of the war.

The Battle of Vittoria – turning point of the war

After their terrible defeat at the hands of the British at the Battle of Vittoria, the French fought back. Marshal Soult is back in command, and the soldiers’ morale is high. Can Wellington’s advance towards France be derailed? In the video below we learn about the battles of Roncesvalles. Maya and Sorauren – collectively known as the Battle of the Pyrenees. Included today is the story of the 92nd Highlanders at Maya – a fight that is described as one of the greatest feats in military history. For the next few videos I am joined by the amazing Nick Lipscombe and Marcus Beresford.

The French fight back

After the fight in the Pyranees, the focus returned to the besieged city of San Sebastian. It was the last major siege of the Peninsular War.

Can Wellington redeem his reputation for being terrible at siege warfare?

In the final video of the season (sort of!) myself, Marcus Beresford and Nick Lipscombe discuss the British and Allied invasion of France in late 1813 and early 1814. The knowledge these two guys bring is astonishing.

France Invaded!

A special thanks to my guests for these episodes. Nick’s books can be purchased via these links: The Peninsular War Atlas – Wellington’s Eastern Front –

Marcus’s book on Marshal Beresford can be bought here –

His new book on General Pack is also available here –…

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