‘By God, that will do!’: The Battle of Salamanca – Wellington’s greatest victory?

There are still mysteries and controversies around the battle. For example did Wellington throw a chicken leg over his shoulder and cry, 'By God that will do'? How many French Imperial Eagles were actually won? And was this Wellington's greatest victory? - You might be surprised by the answer.

Disaster in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul

So when, upon waking on Sunday morning (Sunday 15th August, 2021), I saw that it now looked inevitable that the Taliban were about to capture Kabul and 'win' the war I decided that I had to make a short film looking at the last time Britain was forced to ignominiously leave Kabul - in 1842.

The Baker Rifle – its development and use. An interview with Britishmuzzleloaders

In this month's Peninsular War episode I interview the amazing Rob from Britishmuzzleloaders - he is a walking encyclopedia of historical British rifles and muskets. Today he teaches me all about the Development, accuracy, rate of fire and tactical use of the Baker Rifle - aka the Pattern 1800 Infantry Rifle. https://youtu.be/VyTcvu-Vi_c

Military History meets Heavy Metal: An interview with Forlorn Hope Band

In this bonus Redcoat History Podcast episode, I meet Chris Simpson from the awesome heavy metal band Forlorn Hope. They have an entire album all about the Peninsular War, and in February 2021 their new single drops - To the Bitter End - a thrilling retelling of the story of the 1916 defence of Frankfurt … Continue reading Military History meets Heavy Metal: An interview with Forlorn Hope Band