Richard Sharpe famously captured an Eagle at the Battle of Talavera, but do you know which real-life warrior was the first British soldier to achieve that impressive feat during the Peninsular war? The video below will answer all of your questions.

This is a real tale of derring do and bravery. The capture of the Eagle takes place during a battle I haven’t covered on the podcast – The Battle of Barossa…fought in southern Spain, March 1811. 

If you are interested, then I just want to flag that the battle is covered in my new book that will be released at the end of November – The Military History Geek’s Guide to the Peninsular War – volume 2. It covers the Battle of Busacco, Barossa, Fuentes De Oñoro and Albuera.

Amazon link for the book –  

Payhip link for the book (PDF and ePub) –

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