The Redcoat History Podcast is now in its third season.

Learn the history of the British army, its most famous campaigns, its worst defeats and its greatest leaders. On the first Monday of every month battlefield explorer, Christian Parkinson delves deep into a new topic. This is a podcast for the military geeks, the obsessives, those who like to feel what it is like to fix bayonets and charge the French. It is military history as it should be: exciting, fast-paced and so real you can smell the gunpowder.

Follow this link to listen to it on Apple podcasts or here for Spotify. You can also watch the epsiodes on YouTube if you prefer.

Season 1 is all about the Anglo-Zulu war. Season 2 covers the Battle of Plassey and the rise of the British East India Company while season 3 is a deep dive into the Peninsular War 0f 1808-1814.

To give you an example of the show here is the video for Season 3, Episode 3. At the end of 1808, the British Expeditionary Force under Sir John Moore advances into Spain to challenge the might of the French.