In Season 2 we are exploring the Battle of Plassey and the birth of the British Empire in India. It’s a fascinating story of intrigue, corruption, and world-changing battles.

In the first episode, we examine the siege of the British in Calcutta by the Nawab of Bengal and the subsequent “Blackhole” incident 0f 1756 which ignited a passion for revenge amongst the British.

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Episode 2 of the series finds the British defeated and forced to retreat in disgrace.

But inspired by the horror of the infamous Blackhole of Calcutta incident they are now full of a righteous desire for revenge.

After a series of internal squabbles Command of the expedition to retake Calcutta is given to a man named Robert Clive, a man who will play a big part in today’s episode and a man whose legacy is still with us.

But who is he and what was his background?

Find out in this episode as the thin red line of heroes takes on the huge army of the Nawab of Bengal, a drunk Sailor captures a fort single-handed and the British suffer heavy losses as they battle the French in a brutal artillery fight at Chandernagor. It’s rip-roaring stuff.

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In the season’s final episode, a small force of British and Indian Redcoats take on the might of the Nawab of Bengal. Is it finally curtains for Clive of India or is it just the beginning? Join me as we take a deep dive into this incredibly important historical battle – The battle of Plassey, which marks the beginning of the British Empire in India.

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Season three is also now being rolled out. It’s all about the Peninsular war against the French in Portugal, Spain and the South of France 1808-1814.

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