If you are truly a military history geek like myself then you can never watch too many films about the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. I was lucky enough to revisit the area around Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift at the end of 2019 and make three more videos that I think you will find interesting.

In the first, I walked the old wagon trail that Lord Chelmsford’s Central Column followed from Rorke’s Drift. It’s a wonderful 15km hike through glorious countryside. At times it is still possible to see the indentation of the old trail. This was one of my favourite videos.

At Isandlwana I decided to add an extra element to my previous videos by leaving the area around the mountain and exploring up and along the escarpment. It was a great opportunity to visit the Ngwebeni valley where the Zulu Impi bivouacked the night before the battle. I also explored “the notch” where the rocket battery was wiped out, and the Talehane spur where Mostyn and Cavaye’s companies first engaged the Zulu right horn.

In my final video I visited Fort Melvill – a small fortification that was built overlooking Rorke’s Drift after the defeat at Isandlwana. It is a wonderful little spot, easy to get to but also easy to miss. I’m told from time to time broken glass from period beer bottles can still be found around the position.

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