Do you enjoy Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe novels? Or perhaps you loved the TV series with Sean Bean? Well, those stories were set during the Peninsular war of 1808-1814 – which is exactly what we are covering in season Three of the Redcoat History Podcast – Hurrah!

If you have no idea what I am talking about then here is a little snippet of my favourite episode.

The first four episodes of Season Three of my podcast are now available on your podcast app of choice. Below are the YouTube versions (much improved with the use of maps and graphics) as well as links to Apple podcasts and Podbean, where you can also download and listen.


In Episode One we meet Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Wellesley – the Sepoy General – famous only for his victory at Assaye against the Marathas. Can he repeat that success against the French? Many are doubtful. Listen in as we struggle under heavy packs and a hot sun to do battle at the small village of Rolica.

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Episode Two sees us march with the Redcoats (and their colleagues in green jackets) as they advance towards Lisbon. It is time for the Battle of Vimeiro – one of the most important European land battles fought by the British in decades.


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In Episode Three Sir John Moore takes command of Britain’s Expeditionary Force and leads it into Spain. Can they succeed in inspiring the Spanish to throw out Napoleon’s Grand Army?

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And then in Episode Four – a beast of an episode (an hour and a half) – we briefly come face to face with Napoleon himself before being forced to make a run for the sea and the protection of the Royal Navy. A desperate race through the mountains, pursued by elements of the Imperial Guard, ends with the battle of Corunna. Can the bulk of Britain’s army survive or will they be destroyed? Listen in and find out.

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And once you are up to date be sure to subscribe as we have some cracking episodes coming up soon, including an interview with Rob from the excellent Britishmuzzleloaders YouTube channel. This time we are talking all about the trusty old Brown-Bess – that wonderful musket that served the Redcoats well for over 100 years.

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