If you’ve seen the film “Zulu” then you’ve heard of the battle of Rorke’s drift. It was one of the most celebrated engagements of the colonial era and saw 11 Victoria crosses awarded to the defenders. In the latest of my battlefield tour videos I take you for a walk around the site and try to explain a little of the history.

The video includes:

  • Why were the British contingent at Rorke’s drift and how did they find themselves under attack?
  • The geography of the battlefield.
  • A detailed walk through of the hospital.
  • The chronology of the battle.
  • A look at all the monuments including the impressive new Zulu memorial.
  • The view the Zulu snipers had from Shiyane mountain.


2 thoughts on “Rorke’s Drift: A video tour of the battlefield

  1. Fantastic stuff, really informative. I’ve only seen the film and read accounts of the battle, so seeing the actual place was fascinating, along with the engaging commentary. Well done, sir.


    1. Hi Sean, thanks so much for the comment. Doing films like this is always nerve wracking in case it’s cringeworthy or I get abused, so hearing from you will motivate me to keep making them!


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